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We supply, fit, certify and also refurbish interiors for the
vehicles listed below:

DAF Bova Futura (HL and Club)
DAF Ikarus (SB3000)
DAF Plaxton Paramount 3200/320
DAF Van Hool Alizee SB3000 (Some may need tilt valves)
DAF Van Hool Alizee MB2300 (Tilt tested Nov 07 by Cogent)
Dennis R Series Plaxton Panther/Paragon (Tilt tested Dec 09 by Cogent)
Dennis Javelin Van Hool Alizee T8
Dennis Javelin Plaxton Premier 320 + 350
Dennis Javelin GX Caetano Algarve II
Dennis Javelin Caetano Cutlass
Dennis Javelin + MAN Marco Polo
Iveco Eurorider Beulas Stergo
Iveco Eurorider Plaxton Panther (12.8 metre, tilt tested Feb 10 by Cogent)
Leyland Tiger Plaxton Paramount 320
MAN Marco Polo Viaggio 330 & 350 (350 Without Air-con)
Neoplan Transliner
Scania L94 (rear engine) K113 + K93 Van Hool
Scania Irizar Intercentuary K94 + L94
Scania K93CRB Berkhoff Excellence 1000L
Volvo B10M Berkhoff Excellence 1000+2000
Volvo B10M Caetano Algarve
Volvo B10M Jonkheere Duville
Volvo B10M Jonkheere Mistral
Volvo B10M Plaxton Excalibur
Volvo B10M Plaxton Paramount 320
Volvo B10M Plaxton Premier 320
Volvo B10M Plaxton Paramount 350
Volvo B10M Plaxton Premier 3500 (Tilt valves will need to be retro-fitted)
Volvo B10M Van Hool Alizee T8
Volvo B7R Plaxton Prima + Profile
Duple 320 + 425 (on most chassis)

Also most ex M.O.D vehicles (Derwents, Wadham Stringers, Vanguards)

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