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Schoolbus Options Solo Seating

The innovative design of our Schoolbus Seat employs state of the art materials and technology for comfort, strength and durability and is available in four distinctive options to suit a variety of vehicles and budgets.
All come as doubles and trebles with integral all-age seatbelts. Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 are designed

with slender profile squabs enabling them to meet COIF, SVA and European Whole Type Approval (Type IIIs) pitch dimensions.

Click through the tabs below for information on each product.


Solo Seats

Superlite individual seats

  • Available as single, double and treble
  • Choice of fabric backs
  • Ultra-slim design aiding more leg room
  • Ultra-light benefitting gross vehicle weights
  • Anthropometrically designed to aid comfort
Schoolbus Options Solo Seating
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