Seat Strength



RBP Dynamics Offer Seat Strength testing to regulation 80 standard, we can recreate arear impact crash on our static test bed, these tests are competed for M2 and M3 Vehicles.

The static seat strength test available is completed to

UN ECE Regulation 80.03 &

Directive 76/115/EEC amendment 2005/41/EC standards.

Seat Belt Anchorage Tests are testing the durability of the Seatbelt during a replicated crash, done using our test facility’s high load hydraulic ram system. The Seatbelt must withstand a defined load for a set amount of time to pass the required anchorage test;
Directive 76/115/EEC amendment 2005/41/EC.
In vehicle testing and surrogate wall testing insures we can meet your requirements.
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